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 I began my DJ career during my college years. My focus at that time was primarily nightclubs and school dances, adopting the DJ name “SpinWizzard”,  it was during this time that I formed Excalibur Entertainment. For the past 25+ years I have been providing DJ services for weddings, dances, special events and area night clubs. 
I know from the experience at our own wedding that timelines, moods, and requests can change suddenly and I assure you I can handle anything that comes up.  When I DJ a wedding or other event,  I'm very interactive, I read the mood of the people and try to enhance whatever’s happening in the moment.  My top priority is always to make the experience one to remember and can accommodate YOUR requests on the fly. I play every genre available, from classic old school, rock, country, top 40, R&B, jazz and Spanish/Latin.
I’ll be there to provide music, sound, and MC services for your entire event and can also accommodate almost any auxiliary audio device (ipod, smart phone, tablet, etc.) that I don’t provide as well. Above all I want you to relax and enjoy your day!  You can give me a very specific outline of what you want or just throw out a few requests and let me take it from there.  As I say, we can always change things up in the moment, too.  I will always do whatever I can to make any special requests happen and your day one to remember.  Now let’s dance!
Need a photographer too? You can book Judy and I together for a sweet, discounted rate!